MHANZ Patron - Michele A’Court

Michele A'Court“Female Comedian of the Decade 2010” 

After hosting the MHANZ “Challenging the Boundaries” conference in March 2012, Michele A’Court has enthusiastically agreed to be the Association’s Patron.

A comedian and a writer, Michele has been a familiar face on TV and voice on radio for more than twenty years. She has a weekly spot reviewing the news on TVNZ’s “Good Morning” show; she is a regular guest on TV3’s award-winning comedy show, “7 Days”; on Radio NZ National’s “The Panel” with Jim Mora; and “9 to Noon” with Kathryn Ryan and Te Radar.

Michele writes a weekly column for the Christchurch Press and relishes the opportunity to write on current social issues. She is also a frequent contributor to several national NZ magazines including Next and Her Business; and she has a regular column for the bi-monthly In-Business magazine.

In her corporate work, Michele has always most enjoyed working with people in “the caring industries” which strongly represent women. And she is particularly drawn to the Moving and Handling Association because, as she puts it, “It’s about people who take the best care of their patients, while also learning how to take great care of themselves”.



Michaele has a book out and will have copies for her to sign during the Roadshow! To buy a book for a discounted price click on the photo.


$34.99 RRP 

$24.95 sale price

A warm and witty memoir of motherhood (or what you meant to say but were too busy parenting).

Every middle-aged woman wants to say in a firm, clear, loving voice to every young woman: 'I have been you. But you haven't been me, yet...You should listen.' 

Liberated from the daily minutiae when her daughter left home, Michele A'Court suddenly found the time she'd never had as a parent - to think about being a parent. Mostly, she spent the time wondering if she'd told her daughter everything she needed to know - such as how to store ginger, get rid of bloodstains, calculate GSt, stop your tights snagging, the meaning of feminism ...that sort of thing. So she began to make a list. the list became a hit solo comedy show. And then the list kept getting longer. So now it has become a book.

A funny, wise, honest and maybe even useful book. turns out I raised a determined young woman with her own very clear ideas about how to live her life. Who saw that coming? I blame the mother.