The Moving and Handling Association of NZ is a non-profit incorporated society whose aim is to promote Moving and Handling in New Zealand.

Moving and Handling is an area of practice and knowledge that affects all New Zealanders. From the person being moved to the person performing handling, the risks can be high. Knowing what to do can help manage those risks for you, your colleagues and the people being handled.
Joining this association can help you find out what to do and who or what is available around New Zealand. Moving and Handling is an emerging area of practice viewed by some as an applied technology and by others a science.


Check out the new information on our website about The Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals (ASPHP)



MHANZ focusses on 3 key areas:

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Gaining the buy in to embed moving & handling principles into our culture.  Making the benefits of moving and handling a pivotal argument for investment in equipment, consideration in design of work environments and support of ongoing training.

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Keeping up to date with research and developments in moving and handling, from techniques to equipment.

M&H 3 cogs



Recognising that moving & handling is an essential skill that needs to be taught.  Working to improve the quality and effectiveness of moving and handling education.

Come and join us in raising the profile and making sure it is a practice we can be proud of.  To find out how to become a member and what benefits you will enjoy click here.